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Rosary Counter

At the heart of the Rosary Confraternity lies a rich legacy of cultivating devotional prayer, particularly through the timeless practice of the Holy Rosary. Inspired by this legacy, we, inspired by similar efforts elsewhere, invite you to join us in a special initiative during the month of May. Throughout this sacred month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, all the faithful - especially those within our Provincial territory - may unite all the rosaries prayed and logged during this month with the prayers of all Rosary Confraternity members both on earth and in heaven, strengthening the bonds of our spiritual family.


To participate, simply share your first and last name, along with your city and state, as you log on our web site each rosary you pray. If you are involved in a similar effort elsewhere, feel free to have your Rosary count in both places! Feel free to count your Rosaries toward the various entities represented in our form (Parish/Grade School, High School, Newman Center/Campus Ministry and Seminary; any one Rosary may count toward any four of those entities, though no more than one in any category.  


If you are interested in catching up on our Rosarian Newsletter, enrolling as a Rosarian, or supporting our mission through a donation, click the buttons below.


During this month of May, let us journey together in prayer, united in faith and love under the mantle of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Rosary Counter

Individual may choose to attribute an individual Rosary or group of Rosaries to a Parish/Grade School, a High School, a Campus Ministry /Newman Center, and a seminary in the 14 States of our Province and Puerto Rico (see: Province Map Graphic).


*Rosaries counted for Minor Seminary at a Catholic College / University may be counted toward that school's campus ministry as well, if requested.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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